YourSource Management Group rebrands, creates 6 new jobs

What is now YourSource Management Group rebranded and pivoted its business plan at the beginning of this year. Now as 2013 draws toward a close, the Auburn Hills-based business is starting to enjoy the fruits of that labor.

The 14-year-old business now focuses on three areas: consulting, outsourcing and management services for human resources.

“Those three models are 100 percent of our business at this point,” says Todd Lancaster, president & CEO of YourSource Management Group.

This has allowed the company to expand its team to 20 people. It has hired two employees specializing in payroll and human resources over the last year, and currently has openings for four more in payroll, human resources, benefits and sales.

The expanded team and new business model has allowed YourSource Management Group to narrow its focus. “We focus on what the customers needs and customize the service to those needs,” Lancaster says.

That sort of customization has led the company to double-digit revenue growth. Lancaster expects to hit 20-percent growth in revenue for 2013. “After 14 years, that is a pretty big bump,” he says.

Source: Todd Lancaster, president & CEO of YourSource Management Group
Writer: Jon Zemke

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