OU INC accelerator client Munetrix grows operations in Auburn Hills

Munetrix® is a social media, web-based financial management and transparency database for municipalities and schools. It is a financial management and transparency tool that local units of government and school districts can use to network with each other and build long-range fiscal roadmaps in a fraction of the time legacy systems require. Launched in Michigan in 2011, Munetrix now has approximately 750 jurisdictions at low-level subscriptions and more than 140 at premium subscriptions with plans to add richer features and revenue channels. 

“Our new facility in Auburn Hills, Mich., gives us a great sense of place and allows us to begin forming our true culture,” said Bob Kittle, co-founder of Munetrix.

“Besides being centrally located, with great access to amenities and highways, we are smack dab in the middle of a college corridor that offers access to talented and bright young adults who are looking for real world experience with internships. It doesn’t get any better than that quite frankly. We’re now home.” 

Amy Butler, executive director of OU INC said, “Working with Munetrix is a true pleasure. We are excited for them in their new facility and the expansion of jobs within the community. It is also a great partnership in which OU INC can assist them in their business development, and the business is also able to give our students applied learning opportunities that help both them and the company. 

Auburn Hills City Manager Pete Auger also commented on the move. “We are very excited about our home-grown company ‘s success and growth in the community. Not only are they creating jobs, but they also work with local governments as well. We have a strong partnership with OU INC and Oakland University and look forward to their continued assistance in growing jobs and talent in our community, Munetrix notwithstanding.”

To learn more about the company, visit the Munetrix website at munetrix.com.

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