Morrell Group, DOPAG U.S. Announce Exclusive Dispensing Solutions Partnership

The partnership aims to produce customized precision dispensing solutions for automated production processes

DOPAG-Morrell Group application techniques
The DOPAG-Morrell Group partnership promises to offer a variety of application techniques — shot, spray, continuous, or dot. Photo courtesy of Morrell Group

Auburn Hills-based motion control systems integrator and distributor Morrell Group and DOPAG U.S. Ltd., a manufacturer of metering technology in Kentucky, have formed a partnership to produce customized precision dispensing solutions for automated production processes.

Under the agreement, Morrell Group will support all DOPAG application initiatives in Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois exclusively. DOPAG’s experience in the automotive, electronic, and aviation industries coupled with the industrial and mobile application expertise of Morrell Group positions the partnership for advanced engineered solutions.

“We chose to partner with DOPAG because of their superior metered dispense products,” says Mark Garrett, president and co-owner of Morrell Group. “Also, we believe their unique solutions will add value to our offerings.”

Morrell Group, which is comprised of Morrell and Stegner Controls, has been an engineering partner, systems integrator and distributor of advanced motion control solutions for more than 40 years.

DOPAG’s specialty is manufacturing high-quality metering technology. It offers solutions for measuring and dispensing polymers, epoxy resins, silicone, greases, oils, adhesives, and silicones.

DOPAG sees the partnership leading to a high level of development.

“With Morrell Group, we have an established partner at our side,” says Mike Wehmeier, chief sales and marketing officer at DOPAG. “Customers will benefit from an experienced sales team with comprehensive knowledge in engineering, system integration, and motion control solutions. Together, we will provide our customers extensive advice and service and will ensure future growth in the U.S. market.”

The companies also say they will continue to collaborate on new technology and dispensing solutions designed for highly automated production processes.

Written by Tim Keenan for dBusiness magazine.