Gongos continues expansion with new customers, employees

Gongos Research sees it future as being both more global and more mobile as the Auburn Hills-based consumer research firm continues its 20-year growth streak.

Gongos Research conducts consumer research for businesses, using polls, surveys and dialogs within consumer online research communities. That information helps its clients tailor ad campaigns and new products to the desires of their customers. Recently, the company began moving more of its business into research utilizing mobile devices, like smart phones.

Gongos Research has even done a study on the effectiveness of mobile research, which has gained it international attention. It’s all part of the company’s philosophy to leverage new technology to stay ahead of its competition and keep on its double-digit growth curve.

“There is going to be a slow migration of research moving to smart phones,” says John Gongos, the founder & CEO of Gongos Research. “It’s not there yet but its going to be there soon.”

That sort of strategy has allowed Gongos Research to score 18 percent revenue growth in 2011, on top of the 30 percent growth it had the year before. The company has hired 10 people over the last year and now has a staff of 110 people and a handful of interns.

Gongos and his team have also taken notice and applauded Dan Gilbert’s initiative to recruit some of the 2,000 tech workers recently laid off by Yahoo to Metro Detroit. Gongos Research has often fought to recruit out-of-town talent to its firm and appreciates Gilbert’s effort.

“It’s not just marketing but creating a greater awareness,” says Susan Scarlet, a spokeswoman for Gongos Research.

Source: John Gongos, founder & CEO of Gongos Research and Susan Scarlet, spokeswoman for Gongos Research
Writer: Jon Zemke