First Set of Oakland County EMS Workers Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine

An Oakland County public health nurse vaccinates a member of the South Lyon Fire Department.

Oakland County has begun vaccinating emergency medical service (EMS) personnel Dec. 18 against the COVID-19 virus. One hundred EMS workers from all over Oakland County — including from Oak Park, Farmington Hills, Auburn Hills, Commerce Twp., and South Lyon — made appointments to be vaccinated today at the Waterford Regional Fire Department headquarters by public health nurses from Oakland County Health Division. The first member of the EMS community to receive the vaccine was Oak Park Public Safety Director Steve Cooper.

Oakland County received 1,950 doses in its first shipment of the two-dose Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. Public health nurses will continue to vaccinate hundreds of EMS personnel in the days ahead by appointment only. The general public is expected to begin receiving their vaccinations in the springtime.

Oak Park Public Safety Director Steve Cooper is the first member of the EMS community to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in Oakland County.

“This is a team effort between the health department, emergency ops and our local communities. We’re going to start today. It’s really a turning point in this virus. We literally got our first shipment yesterday and I’ve got to tell you, it was like Christmas. There’s an excitement for those of us who have been working in this pandemic for so long,” County Executive David Coulter said.