Cooley Law School dedicates newest building addition

The herd of deer roaming
around Cooley Law School’s Auburn Hills campus are now able to bound
about without dodging piles of construction supplies and equipment.
They’ll just have to avoid the increased numbers of law school students
faculty and media.

The law school held a dedication of its new Oakland County campus this
morning, showing off the freshly finished renovated building, addition
and hat full of green feathers that comes with it.

Today marks the end of a long journey for the Thomas M. Cooley Law School.
The Lansing—based law school bought the 67-acre campus in the shadow of
the Chrysler headquarter in 2007. It began renovating an old 1980s era
GM/UAW building and then doubled its size to 130,000 square feet.

The original building now serves as part meeting space, part classroom
space and a lot of law library. The new addition is made up primarily
of classrooms, office and courtrooms for both practice and real trials.
The modern-looking building is also going for LEED
certification with a strong list of environmentally friendly features,
such as a 20,000 square foot green roof and recycled materials.

Cooley opened its Metro Detroit campus at Oakland University six years
ago with 28 students. Today it has 680 students at its new Auburn Hills
campus. It is expected to hold up to 800 within the next year or two
and possibly more than 1,000 after that.

Source: Cooley Law School
Writer: Jon Zemke