Chrysler leverages brand identity

Chrysler’s ramping up its marketing initiatives, including joining forces with a new company to license the use of its company brand names. Some analysts say Chrysler’s licensing partnership with The Licensing Group (TLC) have brought the Auburn Hills-based auto company over $1 billion in additional revenue this year.

Chrysler is also rolling out some innovative new ways to market the popular Jeep SUV line at music festivals around the country.


Meanwhile, the “Jeep Rocks & Road Tour” is offering visitors
attending various air shows, auto shows, fairs and festivals all over
the country an up-close and personal look at Jeep vehicles … Current Jeep owners
also can drive their own vehicle on a Jeep Owner’s Playground.

Manley, president and chief executive officer, Jeep Brand, said the
courses used consist of several obstacles that simulate some of the
testing that Jeep vehicles endure before customers get behind the wheel.
Courses include elements that demonstrate the Trail Rated capabilities
of Jeep vehicles for articulation, ground clearance, maneuverability and
traction, he said.

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