Auburn Hills makes energy efficiency a priority

The city of Auburn Hills has completed an energy efficiency project that
has already brought down utility costs and will likely find other
savings by next year.

Dan Brisson, the project manager and
facilities and roads manager for the city’s Department of Public Works,
says with the steps taken to decrease electric use in city buildings,
“we expect our investment will pay for itself.”

The changes come
at a cost of $97,553, about half of it paid by an Energy Efficiency and
Conservation Block Grant from the state of Michigan.

replacement of windows and insulation and going with 18-watt LED bulbs
instead of 75-watt fluorescents at the library is already saving money,
about $5,000 a year, Brisson says.

The recent completion of a
centralized heating, cooling and ventilation system is expected to save
more tax dollars and also save the environment from energy by-products.
In addition, meters and a web-based monitoring system will track usage
and help identify energy waste.

“We’ll probably monitor over the
2011 year, and then pick up which buildings are using the most
electricity per square foot,” Brisson says.

Many city buildings are historical, in existence since the town was settled.

buildings are the ones where you might think that there are areas where
we can save energy,” Brisson says. “But even some of the newer ones can
have energy efficiency problems.”

Source: Dan Brisson, facilities and roads manager for Auburn  Hills Department of Public Works
Writer: Kim North Shine