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Troy Historic Village is offered a $50,000 federal grant from National Endowment for the Humanities

Troy Historic Village (THV) is delighted to announce that the Troy Historical Society (THS), which operates and runs THV, is one of only five Michigan cultural organizations to be awarded a Humanities Access Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). This significant federal grant will provide THS with a unique opportunity to raise $100,000 in two years for expanded programs and services, and to establish a permanent Endowment Fund.
“NEH provides support for projects across America that preserve our heritage, promote scholarly discoveries, and make the best of America’s humanities ideas available to all Americans,” said NEH Chairman William D. Adams. “We are proud to announce this latest group of grantees who, through their projects and research, will bring valuable lessons of history and culture to Americans.”
“This grant is the shot of adrenalin the Troy Historical Society needs to expand our programs and put the Village onto the path of a fiscally sound future,” said Executive Director Loraine Campbell. “Raising the matching funds is a big challenge, but we have already secured the first donations.”  By April 30, 2017 THS must generate up to $25,000 through new restricted donations and memberships. NEH will match those funds, dollar for dollar. The total ($50,000) will be deposited and earn interest in a restricted bank account. THV has already raised some funds thanks to generous donations from a small group of Villagers. The goal is to raise the balance, through a membership drive for new individual, family, and business members!
Between May 1, 2017 and April 30, 2018, THS must generate another $25,000 through additional donations, memberships, matching grants, and a fundraising event. Further details will be published in future editions of the Village Press and on their website (www.troyistoricvillage.org) and social media pages. These funds will also be matched by NEH and deposited into the account.
Between June 2018 and 2021, THS will use the $100,000 and accumulated interest to implement new education and enrichment programs in the Village and increase the number of History to You (H2U) outreach programs provided throughout the seven-county Southeast Michigan region. Funds have also been budgeted for technology to support Village interpretive programs, supplies, and marketing. Finally, in 2020 THS will establish a permanent endowment fund and implement a program to encourage and accept legacy gifts and major donations. The endowment fund, required by the grant, will provide a source for long-term financial support for Village operations.
“I want to congratulate the Troy Historical Society on their successful grant proposal,” said Mayor Dane Slater. “The Troy Historic Village is our city’s cultural gem. “Through the Society’s hard work, it will shine brightly for future generations.”
Troy Historical Society is encouraging Village members and the public to invite their family and friends to become members of THS or to give a THS membership as a birthday, anniversary, or thank you gift. Businesses also can support the Village by purchasing a group package of THS memberships that can be given to their employees as a reward or gift. Every new membership will be matched dollar for dollar by NEH.
Troy Historic Village is a small dynamic history center owned by the City of Troy and operated by the Troy Historical Society. THV provides outstanding, engaging education programs that are rich in humanities content to over 20,000 Village visitors each year, including 13,000 students (grades K-5 and 8th grade), chaperones, and teachers from public, private, and charter schools in the tri-county (Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne Counties) metro-Detroit region.

Troy Historic Village is located at 60 West Wattles Rd., Troy MI and is open year-round. The Village showcases ten historic structures in a charming five-acre complex. Visitors of all ages can explore Michigan history by witnessing and sharing the lifestyles of the pioneers who established homes and farms in rural Troy Township during the 1800s. Troy Historic Village serves the counties of Oakland, Wayne, and Macomb, providing a memorable and interactive experience for all visitors. Offering a wide variety of activities for children and a diverse range of lectures and events for adults, the Village aims to enhance appreciation of history while using Troy's rich and evolving story as a backdrop. In 2016 the Troy Historical Society’s marks its 50th Anniversary of conserving local history, connecting the community with heritage and continuing outstanding educational programs.
Created in 1965 as an independent federal agency, the National Endowment for the Humanities supports research and learning in history, literature, philosophy, and other areas of the humanities by funding selected, peer-reviewed proposals from around the nation. Additional information about the National Endowment for the Humanities and its grant programs is available at: www.neh.gov.
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